Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness is an extremely useful tool to improve our health and wellbeing. It also has a huge PR problem as many people think of it as emptying their mind, just breathing, or chanting Om repeatedly. This is often due to mindfulness being taught in traditional styles or through religious practice.


We base our teaching on scientific research and psychological applications so that our instructions are clear, practical, secular and realistic. We'll teach you how to work with your thoughts and emotions, instead of simply trying to block them out, through a range of activities that can be integrated into normal modern life. We know from experience that what works for one person may not work for another, so we help you to find the strategies that work for you.

Some great resources to get started

There is a wide range of approaches to mindfulness and meditation practices and we are strong believers that having a variety of teachers helps us to find what works for us. Here are some resources that we've found helpful in developing our mindfulness practice:

How Mindfulness Coaching Works


The benefit of individual coaching is that we can tailor your coaching to meet your personal goals. As such, the structure and focus of coaching can vary greatly between clients. That said, a typical coaching appointment will usually involve:

  • two mindfulness activities (1 x 15 min and 1 x 10 min) with a focus on either breath, body, emotions, compassion or connection;

  • a lesson on mindfulness practices in daily life, such as mindful movement, listening or eating;

  • discussion of each activity and lesson as to how it might be used and what meaning it has to you.

Coaching is a friendly, practical and effective way to develop your mindfulness practice and learn more about yourself. Classes are available for groups wanting to learn or improve their mindfulness practice. All coaching sessions are conducted by psychologists who are experienced and trained in mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness training often helps us to find peace within ourselves. We can help you to improve your practice