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Treatment for Addiction to

Substances & Behaviours

It can be extremely difficult to break free from unhealthy patterns that characterise addictive behaviour even when we've decided to change. We have substantial experience in the treatment of addictions, such as:

  • Alcohol

  • Drugs

  • Gambling

  • Gaming

If your addiction is having a negative impact on your life and it is costing you friendships, family and health, then it is important to talk with a psychologist you can trust and who has the expertise to assist you.

Addiction damages more than our health

When addiction affects our life, it is more than just our health that may be compromised. Several other effects of addiction have been identified:

  • Deception of loved ones 

  • Relationship conflict

  • Limited attention

  • Loss of self-control

  • Neglecting your responsibilities

  • Legal and Police issues

  • Sleep dysfunction

  • Social withdrawal

Many of these tend to limit our own ability to acknowledge the impact of addiction and implement effective changes in our life without psychological support.

Tailored treatments to achieve your goals


We always create individual treatment plans to examine and address the unique behaviours, thoughts, emotions, and environmental factors that contribute to youraddiction. This often involves working together to determine the origin of your addiction, any real life triggers that maintain your addiction, and, most importantly, learning skills and strategies to achieve the change you want.

In some instances, there may be serious unresolved life experiences (e.g., trauma, abuse, neglect) that complicate your addiction. Our focus will be to support you while identifying and stopping harmful behaviour that leads to suffering or harm. We will provide practical coping skills so that you can manage your day to day life. If further rehabilitation is required, your psychologist will refer you to additional services.

Addictons cause problems in our mental health
  • Internet / Social Media

  • Pornography

  • Smoking

  • Work

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