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Online Counselling

For many Australians, face to face counselling isn't accessible due to their life circumstances or it can be too confronting, especially when social anxiety may be an issue. Our psychologists are able to provide online counselling to ensure that these barriers do not prevent you from receiving effective treatment from experienced practitioners.

Online counselling can be conducted via video or text-based services. We use an online program that maintains a high level of security. Our discussions will remain private and confidential. You can access online appointments from your computer or mobile phone.

​Please note that we are not able to provide online counselling to clients who are at risk or are in crisis due to the risk of connection issues.

Medicare and Online Counselling

Medicare currently does provide rebates for sessions provided online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.​​ Rebates are the same as if the appointment was conducted in person.

You will be eligible for rebates provided you have provided us with a referral from a GP.

Due to the significant stress that the COVID-19 pandemic is placing on the Australian population, the government has approved an additional 10 appointments under Medicare for Australians in areas affected by restrictions. This effectively means that those who need it can have access to up to 20 appointments with a rebate from Medicare.

Our Online Counselling Platform


We utilise Coviu, a secure practitioner to client communication platform which meets strict privacy and security criteria for health services. Client accounts are free to use and do not require the installation of a program onto your phone or computer. In the event of an error, we also provide counselling through the business version of Skype so that your information remains secure.

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