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People enjoying life after recovering from mental illness

Commit to activities that

enrich your life and

give you purpose

Help Yourself. Help Others.

Every appointment helps!

We strongly believe that helping ourselves to achieve mental health enables us to help others more effectively. To that end, we promise that every appointment you attend will help those in need across the world to get vital medical support. Let's make a better world together.

Skilled Psychologists &

Tailored Treatments

One size does not fit all in relation to mental health and treatment. All our psychologists are skilled and effective practitioners who focus on clear treatment goals. We can deliver tailored treatments that meet your specific needs while adhering to evidence-based practice.

Recognised Provider of

Mental Health Treatments

Most clients are eligible for a rebate from Medicare with a referral from their GP. We also accept most private health funds. Referrals from Traffic Accident Commission (TAC), WorkSafe and Victims of Crime Tribunal (VOCAT) usually incur no cost to clients.

A clever idea. Our psychologists give creative and effective treatments

Learn strategies to live

a healthy and meaningful life​

We are committed to delivering meaningful, practical and effective counselling.


Our team of psychologists are specialists who focus on improving your mental health for the long term.

Our Melbourne CBD Psychologists can assist you and your loved ones with many issues, including:
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