COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Key Points:

  • Treatment is available through telehealth options (phone or online video) and face-to-face should serious risk issues be present.

  • The majority of clients find treatment as effective as usual when using telephone or online services.

  • You will not be in violation of restrictions if you attend in person.

  • Do not attend in person if:

    • You or someone you live with has any cold or flu symptoms, it does not matter whether it is COVID-19 or not.

    • You are being tested or has been confirmed to have COVID-19.

    • You have had contact with anyone who is being tested or has been confirmed to have COVID-19.

COVID-19 - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend appointments in person?

Yes, provided you are in a high risk situation as determined by your psychologist. If you are in doubt, please notify reception and your psychologist will be in touch.

Will I get fined if I travel to the clinic?

No. You are allowed to travel to and from medical appointments, including appointments for mental health treatments. You will recieve an SMS reminder with the clinic address included should any evidence be requested.

Can I attend if I feel physically unwell?

No. We need to protect our staff and other clients from all risks at this time. While it may not be COVID-19, any illness that compromises our immune system will leave other clients and staff vulnerable.

Will I need to wear a mask?

Yes. The DHHS currently require all Victorians to ear a mask outside of their home.

What is telehealth and how does it work?

Telehealth is a term used to describe telephone sessions, online video sessions, or, chat-based sessions. The majority of clients find it as effective as treatment provided in person. Telephone sessions are very straight forward. You only need to ensure your phone is charged and that you are in a comfortable and private space. Your psychologist will call you within 5 minutes of the appointment time. You can find more information on how online sessions work here. In summary, you will recieve a link to the virtual counselling room before the appointment via SMS and email. Simply click the link and follow the on screen instructions.

Does the clinic have a COVID Safe Plan?

Yes. We have procedures in place to reduce the risk and maintain hygienic practice. The clinic and each counselling room is cleaned after each appointment. We have sanitiser stations throughout the clinic. Masks are worn by staff. Surfaces are cleaned frequently. Furniture is sprayed with disinfectant and steamed regularly.

Will you take my temperature?

Yes. We have an infrared thermometer which will will use to measure your temperature when you enter the clinic as a precautionary measure.

Is the building COVID Safe compliant?

Yes. The building has been in lockdown since the beginning of the pandemic and the building management has installed hand sanitiser throughout each floor, conducts regular cleaning of each floor, and, maintains physical distancing. Only staff can grant access to the building and the elevators are on lockdown too.

Can my partner or another adult attend an appointment?

No. Current restrictions do not allow for a third person to be present in the clinic room.

Can my child attend an appointment with me?

Yes, only if there is no option for care to be provided by another adult. Please bring your own playmat and toys as we will need to strict with movement and the touching of objects in the office. All clinic toys and communal items have been removed.